Alicia Lasa

Psychologue Clinicienne et de la Santé FSP

Cabinet de Psychologie & Counseling

Therapy Services. Specialization

    Individual, couple and family therapy
    • Treatment adults of Narcissistic and Borderline parents
    •  Psychological abuse/Victimization
    •  Emotional abuse and manipulation (Gaslight Effect)
    • Trauma Psychology (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Complex PTSD)
    • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
    • Domestic violence treatment for victims
    • Co-dependency (issues surrounding relationships and substance abuse families).
    •  Divorce adjustment for children and adults.
    • Treatment of adolescent issues
    • Student’s life issues (vocational, college, university)
    • Family development and transitions (family life cycle)
    • Step family dynamics
    • Finances issues
    • Culture, Gender and Family of origin issues
    • Migration processes and mourning
    • Individual adjustment related to anxiety, depression and life transition.
    • Healing loss and grief
    • Lifestyle counseling
    Business and enterprise Counseling
    • Work-life balance and its impact on family relationships
    • Burnout prevention and recovery
    • Sress treatment for leaders and company executives
    • Personal and professional career development
    • Corporate Training. Enterprise Psychology
    • Family business. Plan development for the family and its enterprise over time

    Because choosing a psychologist is a big decision!

    Why Me ?

    I have many years of international experience living, studying and working in Spain, England, France, Switzerland and the United States, this has given me an open-minded spirit. My style is warm, sympathetic and challenging, based on a positive relationship that I consider necessary for getting the best person’s outcome. I believe in doing a continuous inner work investing time and energy in the process of understanding the roots of our childhood and family backgrounds and understand your “inner child”.

    Therapy Proven to Get Results

    I offer Systemic therapy and Counseling regarding life issues such as work, career, aging and personal and job environment relationships. I work according to the postulates of the Positive Psychology that focuses on the person’s strengths, desires and goals and the human capacity for love, resilience, courage and self-knowledge. My methods include Emotion-focused, Psychodynamic, and Cognitive Therapies together with relaxation techniques.

    In my integrative approach, working with emotions is taken deep into consideration together with cognitive, social and spiritual aspects ; this can help you to reduce depression and anxiety and to transform relationships by expanding or improving coping skills -learned in your culture, traditions and family of origin-, and replace them for others more effective.